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Full Version: New to MyBB
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I am a long time user of Vbulletin.  I first started with SMF which I liked, but it was always a nightmare doing upgrades when you had lots of plugins installed.

How do you guys compare Vbulletin wih MyBB?    Does MyBB have ability to use banner ads?   Easy to install banner ads?

How easy is it to do updates when you have plugins installed?   Are plugins easy to install like Vbulletin?

Thanks all!
Welcome to MyBB. all you mentioned are easy tasks (even for a new entrant to the web world)
installing MyBB, adding plugins & banners and updating MyBB ... etc are similar to Vbulletin

please see MyBB Features & Documentation
How about banner ads?
^ banner ads can be added by simple edits to templates. plugins also exist to insert whatever you need.