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Full Version: Subforums not show for Guest
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we can this make of index.php? thx for help. my english is bad, sorry!
For all forums which must be hidden for guests:

AdminCP -> Forums & Posts -> Choose Forum (click) -> tab permissions

drag "view" to column "Disallowed actions"

[Image: attachment.php?aid=34646]

Don't forget to click "Save Forum Permissions" button at the bottom of the page.
i know, i have many subforums. this is awkward.
(2015-07-14, 08:24 PM)hkkp Wrote: [ -> ]i know, i have many subforums. this is awkward.

When all forums have the same rules, you could do this in phpMyAdmin by a few SQL queries.
for guest yes
(2015-07-14, 08:50 PM)hkkp Wrote: [ -> ]for guest yes

Sorry, I mixed this up with another discussion. Forumpermissions you can set for the category, and then all forums that fall under that category inherit the same permissions, unless you change them after that.
So I think you only have to do it for the categories. After that you can check whether the permissions are inherited properly.
i make from hand... subforum for guest not read