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Full Version: Theme images not showing correctly.
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I'm having some issues when i upload a theme, it doesnt show the theme images.

[Image: b2dc8468641dabd146d47a94a8e684e2]

When i inspect the element with google chrome, it shows this:

[Image: d02c8459b9b54a4381d85b176015e49e.png]

It double places the URL, therefore the images will not be loaded.

How can i fix this?


your forum's current theme is not compatible with MyBB 1.8.x
its better to use a fully compatible theme for MyBB 1.8.x
Ah, so that will cause the double image url?
^ basically 1.6.x themes have different type of links used for images at top links, icons & post bit links

I'd not suggest to use that theme on MyBB 1.8.x forum as it doesn't consist of codes for new features of version 1.8
I just tried it with several 1.8 templates, still the same issue.
What could be the problem?
^ looks like theme images are not uploaded to correct location. please see theme installation guidance