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Full Version: Installing MyBB inside WordPress Blog
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Hello Community,

Currently I'm using Unmanaged VPS for hosting my blog and due to good audience I'm willing to start a community for users on the same domain instead a new domain. So I have one doubt whether its possible to setup MyBB Forum inside this domain as without affecting wordpress setup. I have seen many sites do this but no idea what is the correct procedure.
of course, you can install MyBB forum in a sub-folder (eg. /forum)
you may have to modify a couple of htaccess rules used for wordpress (eg. see replies here)
Ok got that Since I'm using LEMP i.e NGINX as Web Server I will try with that way. Thanks
I am also looking for the same can someone please tell me how to do this for my WordPress based site <- snip ->
I want to host a coupon and deals forum on the above mention site sub-directory!!

Reply to this thread would we appreciated!!

Thanks & Regards
Abhishek Gupta
Easiest way to do this install Mybb in a Separate folder outside of Wordpress and then at top of the Wordpress homepage in the header nav bar add a link to your Mybb forum.
Good posts, Thanks! i'm planning soon to install wordpress as my homepage for my forum.