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Full Version: Hide links for guests.
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How can i hide links for guests in forums? Only plugin I found, was the one what hided entire content, however I want only to hide links.
which plugin you have tried ? have you seen these => Registered Links & Only Registered Links
You could have a look here. This was originally for 1.6, but seems also to work for 1.8.

I don't know whether the problem with quick reply is real, but if so this must be able to be solved.

But, as usual, .m. has a better answer. Big Grin Blush
I tried both plugins, but thread still shows links.
The links are in "code" section btw.
^ well, if the links are posted with code tags then that requires a custom plugin !
And you could have informed us about your special requirement.
anyway, you can try using scd hide plugin by changing its compatibility
Thanks, it worked Smile.