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Full Version: Can't get rid of stubborn spammer
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Hi I currently have a spammer on my forum the last time I installed spamerlyser it was giving a mysql error, funny thing is I have banned this users ip using a range but the user can still post please I need your help and fast it's just one users but has at least 30 spam posts in the last 30 minutes ban ip is not working how do I get read of this users and delete all the posts made by the user

And is there a way to stop a post from having more than one outbound link
Have you tried using your ftp and going to your site/server files and editing the .htaccess file by adding ( deny from ???.??.??.?? ) insert ip where i have put ?
is it card spam by chance?
I don't know what that is, but the messages by the guest contain atleast two filtered Words each that I can't mention here.

Or is there a way I can automatically unapproved a post that has filtered Words until I can certify that they are OK. Auto filter plugin gives a mysql error probably because it was made for 1.6 and I changed the compatibility to 1.8
Have you tried using mybb promotion system?