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Full Version: Either increase the size of the Recent Posts area or display Announcement below forum
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I'd like to either increase the size of the Recent Posts area (it's truncated too short), or just display an announcement below the forum (on the forum index page).

I've tried searching here, and just couldn't find anything.

My forum is pretty much internal-use only, and we're starting with just a status page for the QA/UAT servers in our company. I've attached a snipped screenshot... you can see the Recent Posts is quite short, and it'd be great to have the entire title, or just display the announcement below the forum listing.

Something like this?

Last post - increase/decrease subject length (default: 25 char)
also increase the width of that cell from forumbit_depth2_forum template if it still cuts off after attempting above solution...

ACP >> Templates >> your theme's Templates >> Forumbit Templates >> forumbit_depth2_forum