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Full Version: how can i see all unactivated members in list
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good evening everyone
I have tired to activate a unactivated member single by single
I want to see all unactivated member in togather . Mybb 1.8.5.
I tried this method but failed
#How to view all users awaiting activation / unactivated in MyBB ACP
Users & Groups > Views > Manage Views > Create New View
Title: Unactivated Users
Default View: No
Sort results by: Registration Date, Descending
Results per page: 50
Display results as: Table
Fields to Show: *Your choice*
Is member of one or more of these user groups: Awaiting Activation
Save View#

no answer very bad
it should work. what does it display ?
sir this msg is coming
[Image: Screenshot0459.jpg]
As the error clearly implies, you need to select at least one field to display on that view (by dragging it to the proper side and dropping it there).
if i understand correctly you want to activate all awaiting activation users at once .
Very simple Goto ACP >>> Home Tab >>> On Right Side You See x Awaiting Activation .
X is the total amount of the users whose need activation .
Click on it and you will see all users who need activation . Select all users and activate them .
actually that field selection might not work on some mobile devices ..