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Full Version: reputation pop up like this
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i am again here with my query. this time i am doing Complete make over of reputation system of mybb. so here is what i want to do now iwant to change mybb  reputation pop up. 
[Image: Screenshot_2015-07-21-10-28-50.png]
as you are seeing currently pop up appears like that (i have removed comments) 
but i want to make this something like this. 
[Image: Screenshot_2015-07-21-10-33-03.png]
as you see i approve means positive reputation and i dissaprove means negative plus its something dropdown menu type. so is it possible with mybb if dropdown not possible then atleast i want "i approve"  and "a dissaprove"  i want to disable neutral.  Blush

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you can try modifying code in reputation_add template or try using jQuery like this