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Full Version: Export only Threads Users, Forums on sql
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How to export only users including password and details, forum names and total post i want export these only please help
assuming that your database tables prefix is mybb_
you can export mybb_users , mybb_forums , mybb_posts , mybb_threads
(07-22-2015, 10:35 AM)vikili Wrote: [ -> ]and total post

What do you mean by that, the posts itself or the total number of posts.

In the latter case:

AdminCP -> Tools & Maintenance -> Database Backups -> Tab New Backup

Click the table (prefix)_users in the left column, choose File Type: Plain Text (can be handy because this can be shown in an editor, only for very large boards choose gzip compress).
Then press perform backup.

And again .m. was first, where he assumes that you want to have all posts in the backup.