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Full Version: How to Set Row Spacing?
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Hi guys.

Where can I set "Row Spacing" ... for lack of a better term.

On this forum, when I hit "Enter", the cursor goes right below the previous row.  So it is obvious that if I want more space, I should hit enter again before starting a new paragraph.

However, on my forum, when I hit return, the cursor moves further down the screen, so it looks like a great place to start typing the next paragraph.  But it isn't.  After posting, the rows are too close together to make the paragraphs obvious.  

I know why ... it is only entering a single  <br /> ... instead of two.    But it is not obvious when writing the post.   How can I make it obvious that people should hit return twice to get more space?

Thanks for you help
Hi feo1966,

In this page:, I read:


skipLastLineBreak Bool Defaults to false

Block level tags have an extra <br /> added to the end of them in all browsers except IE. If this is set to true the extra line break will not be added.

By searching "skipLastLineBreak" terms in "jscripts\sceditor" it appears only in "jscripts\sceditor\editor_plugins\bbcode.js" and "jscripts\sceditor\jquery.sceditor.bbcode.min.js".

It should be related to the editor, however, I do not know exactly where.
This how it look like on the html, so there is some div inserted :

But a simple solution could be: double press the enter key.
Somebody will like your feature of double line break, but others won't. By putting this by default, you don't let the choice.