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Full Version: "Force users to login" custom message?
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Hi all,

I'm new to myBB and I like it very much. It is easy to setup and configure unlike phpBB Blush

I set the option "Force user to login" on, but I want to customize the message of it. 

I'd like to change it so it looks like a welcome message for visitors and tell them to register or login.


[Image: ajo65g.jpg]
those messages an be modified from, ACP >> Configuration >> Languages >> English >> Options >> Edit Language Variables >> messages.lang.php >> error_nopermission_guest_1 to 5

PS: modifying that text will change them across the board for all no permission pages..
Thanks. I see the logic now.
My intention is to create a forum for internal use.
So is there a mod or plugin for my purpose? ie. to hide all the forums from guest, and put up a "welcome message" on index.
You can try these plugins which will show a notice to guests:

or check this thread which will give you an idea about displaying some text only on the index page...
Thank you.
I changed only the error_nopermission_guest_1 to 5
and since I have turned on "Force user to login", I think it works fine.
I'd like to see if I can customize the index page through