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Good morning community.
Again I am asking, because I find where modify the user responses are below the main post.
Powderalarms activated "extended mode" as show in the picture, but I want the default answers without having to choose it is seen.
Can you help me?
Thank you very much in advance.
Sorry, but I do not understand your question. Can you perhaps supply a link and indicate what you want to have changed.

What is Powderalarms, and extended mode of what?
The ACP setting described in this thread should help; you can override the custom steting for all users using the SQL query.
(07-25-2015, 05:42 PM)Devilshakerz Wrote: [ -> ]The ACP setting described in this thread should help; you can override the custom steting for all users using the SQL query.

That is not a complete solution, because the user still can change that in his UserCP. I have cancelled threaded mode completely by also removing the choice in Options change (template usercp_options) and removing the menu from template showthread. In AdminCP it must also be fixed ad linear mode of course.

But is not clear to me that the question involves threaded and linear view.
The user responses appear to below the main post, but as hidden as a link (see image).
When I choose "extended mode" as shown in the first image, complete answers on the bottom are placed, as seen in the image I get now. What I need is that the answers are visible immediately, without having to choose the "extended mode"
I leave a link in the post so they can watch it.
Let's see if I can help, I have some time to try and do not succeed.

So Devilshakerz was right, so it deals with linear and threaded mode. But I do not knoe the Spanish terms for that.

Do you want linear mode throughout your forum (all messages in a list in chronological order), without a choice to be made?
Actually mate, is what is called "linear mode" (I've been looking for and that is), as I can describe how can do?
Thank you very much for the support granted.
OK, with the following steps you can make "linear mode" standard, without a choice:

AdminCP -> Showthread Options -> Usenet Style Thread View -> NO

In phpMyAdmin run the SQL Query:

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `threadmode` = 'linear';

Now all existing members have linear view by default, and als subscribing new members will have that.

When you want to get rid of the whole choice, we must make some minor changes in 2 templates. Please let it know when this is what you want.
The second step is that it is not clear how to do it. If you could explain me better I'd appreciate it greatly.
I understand (my English is not very good) I should do something in php admin panel or something similar.
Where to put the code you give me? UPDATE mybb_users SET threadmode = 'linear';

To fix everything on linear mode:

template usercp_options
below line 213 (<div align="center">) add:
<input type="hidden" name="threadmode" value="linear" />

Remove lines 184 - 186 (starting with <tr> and ending with </tr>

Template showthread
Remove lines 41-43, now containing:

<div class="float_right">
<span class="smalltext"><strong><a href="javascript:;" id="thread_modes">{$lang->thread_modes}</a>{$threadnoteslink}</strong></span>

A note for the future.
Make good notes of what you have changed in templates (and perhaps even php core files). You will need these when a new software version comes out. It is best to install new versions as soon as possible, and you will need these notes to make the necessary changes.

Not all templates change when a new version comes out. You can find a list of the changed templates, php files, language files and css files in the documentation of a new version.
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