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Full Version: can i add image
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Can I add an image to the 2 places shown in attachment?


I would refrain from doing that. It is accessable for admins only (your members do not see it). Also changes in the AdminCP are a lot more difficult than in the normal user part, because the AdminCP does not use the template system.
Is there a way to make the users avartar show up on that line?
Why would you add user avatars there? Those are forums, so I guess you want their lastposters' avatars (if yes, you should have been more specific)? If just regular images chosen by you, you can add something like:
// replace 1 and 2 with your chosen forum IDs
if($forum['fid'] == 1)
	$forum['name'] .= '<img src="../images/yourimage.png" alt="" />';
elseif($forum['fid'] == 2)
	$forum['name'] .= '<img src="../images/yourimage2.png" alt="" />';
here (so in the admin/modules/forum/management.php file):

Similarly, code for avatars would require a query with a LEFT JOIN based on the lastposteruid column to the mybb_users table.