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Full Version: How to delete some moderator tools
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How can I delete some moderator tools (like: delete, soft delete, ...)?

showthread_inlinemoderation_standard template (in showthread templates) consists of codes for the moderator tools.
you can remove unwanted tools from it
thank you,

and how can I delete soft delete action when moderator click on "delete" button in each post, I want to permanent delete when click on it.
admin panel >> configuration (settings) >> Posting --> Enable Soft Delete for Users
selecting No removes soft delete facility for all users (including the Staff - please see post #6 below)
I has been disabled it but when I click on "delete" icon the post deleted soft.
(07-26-2015, 07:29 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]for all users (including the Staff)

It's only for non-staff users.

I posted a core change somewhere in this forum, you can try searching it (I'll post it when I'll come home).
^ Thank You. @CivilEA , see this