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Full Version: Passwords won't change on my forums?
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Hey guys so I made a forums for my clan on a mmorpg. (runescape.) And it's great other than the fact when people try to change their password it doesn't change. But the previous password doesn't work anymore either.. I'm not sure what is going on? Is it some file that I would need to replace? I'd love the help, there is no errors just "wrong password" errors. I had to change my pass via email (random password) 3x last night, and when I change my password to something I pick (I even copy and pasted to make sure it was correct) it would say it was wrong. Please help!
I love Mybb! Best free forums ever <3


Bump. I really need help on this.

Bump need help :o


Bump. Really need help!
Have you edited any core files? Can you give us your URL and a test account to try? Set the email address to [email protected]