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Full Version: Please help- unable to see any threads or posts as guest
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Hello friends,

I have a rather weird issue with my forum

The link to forum is

When I login as admin I am able to see all my posts and threads but when I view it as guest- I only see categories but not threads and posts Sad

I tried the default theme as well as Square theme but it is happening on both

Please please help

sorry realized that the forum permissions are all messed up

is there a way to fix the permissions for all forums and categories and threads and posts at once instead of doing it one by one?
(2015-07-28, 09:43 PM)desiusanet Wrote: [ -> ]is there a way to fix the permissions for all forums and categories and threads and posts at once instead of doing it one by one?

Start at the highest level (categories). When you have set the permissions for the category, these will be assigned to all child forums below it. For the lower levels you only have to chabge the permissions which deviate from those of the level above it.
Thank you for responding Ad

My woes still continue. The forum category shows Read permission for guests but the child forums all have no permission. So I changed couple of them to see if it fixes the problem but as guest- I am only able to see the category/forum name but no threads or posts.

But when I login as admin I am able to see everything

Also, a new issue just surfaced- I am unable to logoff from my admin ID Sad
These are strange things. To be honest I never logout as admin. The system does that automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity, so I just leave the forum or click the window/tab away.

Any changes the last time, upgraded to a new version, plugins added and installed, added or changed a theme?
Update- Looks like clearing custom permissions is fixing the issue

but is there a way to remove all custom permissions at once instead of doing it on each individual forum and category?
I do not know of any method, except starting all over again with permissions by clearing the data base table forumpermissions from phpMyAdmin.

But perhaps I'm wrong, and are there others who know a way to help you.
I just posted something and I am beginning to wonder what is going on...I am having the same problem and have changed the group settings all the forums and subforums and still cannot view the threads as a guest.I went back and made sure all of the forums permissions were set up for the guest to view the threads and even post a reply and get this page:

You are either not logged in or do not have permission to view this page. This could be because one of the following reasons:

I need to figure this out ... or I will have to wait for a fix before I continue on..

my site with Mybb on it is
(2015-07-29, 09:11 PM)Starnova Wrote: [ -> ]

I visited your site as a guest, but can walk through it and see threads when they are there.
I am rebuilding and making sure I can get out of the software what I would like lol...

I guess what I am looking for is this, a long time ago there was a tutorial that you could let guests even see the posts and yet no function like downloads... What would work is limited view.. say three views before having to register is that possible?