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Full Version: How to Move "edit by" into post column
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[Image: dLCg91A.png]Hello all m friends, how can i move that "this post last modified by bla bla" to the 2nd red box?
can someone state how to do that? i need to learn and try by myself..

This is from my testing forum, not publish..
navigate to postbit_classic template of the theme (in Post Bit Templates) and find code like below
<span class="post_edit" id="edited_by_{$post['pid']}">{$post['editedmsg']}</span>
you can move it next to {$post['iplogged']}</div>
thanks mr .m.... i have done with it..
btw, i need some more help, how to move it to the bottom of the post
[Image: iGGlANX.png]
that cannot be easily achieved without experimenting.
instead, you can add below style property at the bottom of theme's global.css and check if it helps
.post_body {min-height: 160px;}