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Full Version: Variable for thread starter on forumdisplay_thread and showthread?
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Hi, how can I find the variable for thread starter in forumdisplay_thread and showthread?

With Xthreads Template Conditionals I would like to show specific threads only to thread starter and to a specific group of users.

Now I use this:

<if in_array($GLOBALS['mybb']->user['usergroup'], array(1,32)) && ($GLOBALS['threadfields']['showorhide']) == 'hide' then>

..You can't see this thread..


..user can see the thread


With this if usergroup is guest AND 32 AND threadfield is on hide, user can't see the thread but all others user yes.

I would like only to show specific threads to a usergroup AND thread poster, obviously..if user isn't in usergroup and he posts, he will not see own thread Big Grin

Thank you in advance for the help
<if $thread['uid'] == $mybb->user['uid'] then>
thread author
Thank you very much Destroy! Big Grin Big Grin