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Full Version: Modern Fusion - responsive theme for MyBB 1.8.x.
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Welcome, I've for sell new premium product.
Theme of the red-light colors. Of course, is the RWD (Responsive Web Design). It has several animation additives, so if someone does not like it can be removed.

 PM or email: [[email protected]][email protected][/email]

[Image: BZIhSQDt.jpg][Image: 6LQWxMot.jpg][Image: VyUmMD2t.jpg][Image: 68365clt.png]

*Select from the lower menu  Modern Fusion Theme. 
Payment & price:

 PayPal - $15 or GumRoad!. - PM, Email

 After buying style use it is allowed in one forum and spaces non-remission / resale to third parties.
Woah, those animations are cool. Wink
IMHO, the animations are too much, it's distracting.
As I wrote in the topic, at any time I turn this off upon request. Now it is also a dark version! Soon throw screens.
Here and there is a dark version of the page:

Buy now in GumRoad!
Outdated, please close.
Is it still available for purchase ?
No, please close the thread.
Damn this theme is pretty dope man if you still had it i would have bought it off you.