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Full Version: Pixel Labs
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Redesigning graphics. One pixel at a time.

Board Name: Pixel Labs (PL)
Board Link:
Board Topics: Graphics and Digital/Traditional Design
Notes: Pixel Labs (PL) is a brand new graphics community that will strive to help all artists alike. Me and the PL team have been working on this forum over a few weeks to make it the best there is.

At PL we will have competitions including Sig of the Week (SotW) with some great prizes. We are also the host to a database of downloads, tutorials, hints, tips, etc. There are sections for you to gain critique on your artisitic creations and talents by the rest of the community.

As to that, we also have sections to peak your interest including sections about literature, media and sports and even an academic section for people to discuss issues such as politics or the world economy.

So if your a fan of graphics then WHY NOT VISIT AND CHECK US OUT!
I registered your board. Good luck Wink
Pretty clean and simple. Not too many forum categories. I would deemphasis the affiliates link, but otherwise it looks good!
I'll be sure to check it out cheers Smile