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Full Version: You have selected an invalid theme error on 1.8.5
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I upgraded by forum software from 1.6.12 to 1.8.5 last week. I also used a custom theme and heavily edited the css through "Theme" section in advance mode, since i know css, html and php.

It was working fine at start, but when I added few plugins (compatible with 1.8.*), like Thankyou/Like , MyAlert, Mention and some more, I get "You have selected an invalid theme." error message for few stylesheets including global.css when saving them in advanced mode(no error in Simple mode). Also some of them is working fine without any problem. I have noticed that the file who has lot of css code is showing the error (I am not sure).

This problem is also showing in default theme.

I see this was an issue in earlier version of mybb in 1.8 series but it was fixed in 1.8.4,

Which browser do you use? Did you try with another one (a browser you haven't used for browsing your forum yet)? If it works fine in it, clear the cache in your main browser.
Thank you for replying,
I tried it in new browser, also I cleared the cache but same problem persist.
My main browser is firefox and I tried in chrome also (after deleting cache).

If you want I can give access to the acp.

(2015-08-07, 08:39 AM)sanjay303 Wrote: [ -> ]If you want I can give access to the acp.

Feel free to PM it.
Sent you the pm

I am still waiting for your reply
^ please have patience. Destroy666 is working with forthcoming version of MyBB
Can anyone else help me in this issue ?