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Full Version: Forum name Problem with images
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Hi all,

im a COMPLETE noob at mybb i just installed it yesterday. Im an artist not a programmer ^^

So my problem is that i use an image instead of text in my forum tiltes, it works well here

but looks wrong here becouse of the writing in front of the picture

I have absolutly no idea how to fix this and how to get rid of the "Forums in '" beside this it would be uber to have the picture in the bread thingy as text, is this possible?

Sorry im a real noob
Where you put the image? I need to know where is the code of your current image on the category
i added this in edit forum ->title <img src="/forum/images/mypicture" alt="" />
ok in the same tag, inside, put this:

style="vertical-align: middle;"

Also, you need to shorten the image, because is too long.


To remove the words "Forums in"

ACP > Templates & Styles > Templates > Your theme templates > Forum Display Templates > open forumdisplay_subforums template

Inside, search this:

<td class="thead" colspan="5" align="center"><strong>{$lang->sub_forums_in}</strong></td>

Remove this:


Save the changes and see if that is what you're looking for.
Hmmm i did what you suggested but the code just wrote the stuff behind the picture hmmm and to remove the other bit of code killed the hole stuff into the bar, ive made a screenshot to show you. Thx for you patiance and time

ignore the typo lol
to remove the "Forums in" thing goto ACP >> Configuration >> languages >> English >> Edit Variables >> forumdisplay.php >> sub_forums_in >> change it as {1}

also remove those "style="vertical-align: middle;"" thing from the templates which you added in the img tag... it may not be needed..

and open ACP >> Themes >> Your theme >> global.css and add img, a.navbit img {
    height: 30px;
    vertical-align: middle;
save everything and Hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) the page to see the changes...
Wheeeee this worked PRETTY nice! Is there a way to have the breadcrump (is this correct?) where it says United Forum -> Image // without the image at all?

The rest worked like a charm

One more thing the image in the breadcrump is jumping again when i click on *my forum*
(2015-08-07, 11:31 AM)Exede Wrote: [ -> ]One more thing the image in the breadcrump is jumping again when i click on *my forum*

there was a small correction in the css code i provided.. please check above post and change accordingly.. basically change "span.navbit img" to "a.navbit img"...
Thank you, this solved my problem!