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Full Version: How do i backup ?
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I'm started my forum for 1 month. I want to backup my forum but i'm not sure about backup and how it working.

[Image: uJzktqU.png]

How is it working ? How is process ? I need a reply with enough information.  Angel

Thanks first !!  Big Grin
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Tables Selection => click on select all or select forum tables
save method => if you select backup directory then database backup will be saved in ~/admin/backups folder
Analyze and Optimize Selected Tables => I prefer selecting No

clicking on perform backup button provides database backup file for saving or it is stored in the backups folder

Edit: see also this documentation =>
I did backup database . i get a file like this:

[Image: pXyAVjg.png]

By the way, i was backup web from cPanel and i get this:

[Image: FRlNT8W.png]

So, which should i use ? Huh
^ backup from forum admin panel contains database only
backup from web host c-panel consists of files & database

if you need to restore only the database then backup taken from forum admin panel can be used

if you have to restore entire site then backup from web host c-panel should be used
I got it.

Thanks you.  Angel