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I would like to be able to add the ten latest posts from my forum and add them to my xhtml homepage, ie just so it shows in a list format.

Would I be better off using rss feeds from the forum or is there a better way of achieving this?

I could not find any documentation suggesting how I could do this.

Please move this if I have posted in the wrong forum.

Thank you.

I am running 1.8.4
Why not just tailor the portal.php to suit your needs and use this:

Because I am not using the portal, instead I have a xhtml page as the website index page, and then use the forum as a forum. I have bypassed the portal function as it is not suited for what I needed,

I was looking for a way to add the ten most recent topic titles or posts, and add them to the html home page.

You can't add a PHP code to a .xhtml page...

Try to use home.php instead of index.xhtml and set home.php as premier page in .htacces,

Then include the necessary MyBB files and then you can use the {$latestthreads} code to show the latest posts.
Sorry I didn't explain myself very well.

Yes, I know I need to change the extension of the page to .php when using "includes", my bad for not explaining.

I was unsure on what code (and files) I need to use to make this happen?

Thank you.