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Full Version: Can you copy and move subforums?
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Can you copy and move subforums to a new parent forum? mybb 1.8



Is this possible?
AdminCP -> Forums & Posts -> Options for forum -> Edit Forum

Change parent forum and display order
Ad..i have a subforum under one catergory and i want to copy it and also have it under another catergory...i tried "copy forum" 2 times but it never shows up under the 2nd category....
OK, I thought you wanted to move a forum.
I tried it, and it makes a new forum (copy) indeed, but the copy is empty and contains no threads. This looks normal, because else it must make a copy of all threas in that copied forum.

I don't know why it didn't work with you. I just choose option "copy forum", did nothing with destination forum (left it "Copy to new forum", Left "Copy forum settings and properties" to "no", choose all usergroups, forum type "forum", title "new name of copied forum", parent forum "choose the parent forum of the new forum".

But the result is an empty forum.
that may be the problem....i want my copied subform to show all the listings.... see it here

if i copy the forum it doesnt copy all the sub forums with it....
Then I fear that only a plugin can help you, and I never saw one for this purpose.