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Full Version: How do I change URL structure for threads?
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How do I change the URL structure to be more search engine friendly?

I've tried installing the SEO Plugin MANY times with no success. I've read about the htaccess that may need changes but I have no clue what to do with the htaccess or which one I should edit (A bit confused)

I've also searched the MyBB forums for answers with no success. Most threads are old or very vague.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Okay, I finally got the plugin working but now for the thread url it looks kind of like this "thread-720.html" I thought it was supposed to look like "hello-this-is-the-thread-title.html" to be more search engine friendly?
Doesn't work like that. It needs the unique identifier. Posts can have the same titles, so that would create a huge problem. Example below.

[Image: 820c1acc568e43965033d99b63d2f986.png]

MyBB also stats that it'll show up as you have it thread-1.html. The number represents the unique identifier.

[Image: f26a7462dbda7e7e900a9a54726ef0ab.png]
MyBB SEF URLs does not have descriptive title facility.

not sure which plugin you have tried. Google SEO plugin has clear guidance
Thank you both for the quick replies. I'm using Google SEO Plugin. Seeing as even on here the URL is 'Thread-1234.html' I guess I did everything correct.

And yes, I thought it would give a descriptive title but looks like that isn't how it works.

All is working properly. Thanks again for the help!