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Full Version: Center User Post Info
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Currently using the iGame theme and using the classic layout... The info is to the side and it's looking untidy. Any help please?

[Image: 825f4252ac244196386fa7c3edf60888.png]
add this to the global.css of your theme and check... if the theme uses a different css selectors, you might need to change the code accordingly.. if you need direct help, please share your forum url...

.post_author div.author_statistics {
    text-align: center;
add that code mentioned above in global.css and then remove

"float: left;" from ".post.classic .post_author div.author_statistics" 


"float: right;" from ".post .post_author div.author_statistics"

save and Hard Refresh (Ctrl+F5) the forum to check changes....