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Full Version: Fix PM Error
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I have everything all set up and now my pm system is messing up.

The user gets a pm notification

then when they click on the #
it takes them to this.

how do i fix this??
the url is wrong... hence it shows invalid PM...

ACP >> Configuration >> Languages >> English >> (Options) Edit Variables >> global.lang.php

check that the foll. variables are correct there...


<strong>You have one unread private message</strong> from {1} titled <a href="{2}/private.php?action=read&amp;pmid={3}" style="font-weight: bold;">{4}</a>


<strong>You have {1} unread private messages.</strong> The most recent is from {2} titled <a href="{3}/private.php?action=read&amp;pmid={4}" style="font-weight: bold;">{5}</a>
which language pack you are using ?