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Full Version: Shoutbox and Host
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I whant to install shoutbox but in one place on internet they say that shoutbox spend to much bandwidth.They didnt say in KB or MB (i dont belive that spend GB).

I install DVZ Shoutbox and if someone can tell me how much bandwidth spend one active Shoutbox?

I am not a website guru,i have Forum becose Mybb its very simple and easy to use (thanx to people who made it) so maybe my cuestion is nooby but i realy whant to know!!

What are you asking for?
How much KB, MB a shoutbox takes?
Can you post a link to your forum or provide the average and peak number of users online?
I'm pretty sure that DVZ Shoutbox is the most optimal AJAX-based shoutbox for MyBB. A rough estimate of:
  • 10 users online
  • during 1 hour
  • update interval of 5 seconds (default)
  • new message every 10 seconds
gives ~1.2 MB, which is about the same as two index page visits in terms of bandwidth used.