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Full Version: Registration Button don't work
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When I press submit registration button at my forum at
nothing happens. So now users can't register on my forums. I have tried to deactivate all plugins and it doesn't work.
Does anyone have a solution on this problem?
i see you also have the default theme on your forums... is it working on the default theme...

run a file verification from ACP >> Tools and Maintenance >> File Verification.. ignore any errors related to images and install folder.. please report other errors, if any, here...
The registration is not working on default theme and I can't use file verification since my host is blocking outgoing traffic.
Do you think I can reupload all files instead because my host is blocking outgoing traffic because of security reasons.
With upload I mean every file exept config.php and settnings.php
^ yes, you can replace all files except config.php & settings.php
however it looks like registration is working now. please delete user 4 (uid=4)
need not upload every file... have you done any changes to member.php file... just upload member.php and check if it solves the issue...
Have tested the registration and for me it's not working.
Either on my S5, Samsung Galaxy Gio and my HP laptop.
Have deleted member.php and uploaded the one from
^ if java script runs fine in the web browser then there should be no problem with forum registration process