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Full Version: Bold not displaying on profile fields? (but other HTML works fine)
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Having trouble getting bold to show up on profile fields. And yes, I have checked "allow HTML in profile fields," and all other coding I've tested works fine there. Is there a reason for this?

Here's my forum:
I cannot find out which texts you want to have bold. When I look at a profile (Amarant) and look which text should have been given by template member_profile_customfields, I see only the heading IN CHARACTER INFORMATION. And that is text in bold, but not the text you mean, I suppose.
Sorry for not being more clear!

I put an example of this on this profile, under "Appearance" ..

It is only the custom-entered fields that don't display bold when users try to bold text.

I also just realized it does NOT seem to happen to Chrome OR Opera Mini users, but it does on Firefox and IE. As far as I know, these browsers have no other issues in seeing bold text elsewhere on the site, just in those custom profile fields.

Thanks for replying!
It looks strange that when you look at the output, only the heading "In Character Information" seems to be produced by template member_profile_customfields. But this will be a theme matter. Without detailed knowledge of the theme templates, it is impossible to see what could go wrong.
You (or the theme maker) did not make changes in script member.php?

I just see that your "powered by MyBB" text does not contain the required link to MyBB. I would bring this back to the original text with link, else you will loose the right on support.
I fixed that, so sorry! No changes were made to member.php though.