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Full Version: Xtra Gfx - Relaunched
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I opened this site after my old site erezgfx closed due to my webhost

This is place where people can showcase their gfx , chat , read tutorials etc

I am writing tutorials whenever I am able to
I am in need of some staff so If you are interested please join
wow i love the theme very beautiful!
Nice, but I would change the default nav bar icons. They do not fit the theme.
Well I think I will remove the default nav icons untill I make my own icons Smile
Cool, maybe you can play around with some of the colors ^^; Keep up the good work and hope you get your staff going. I remember my frist gfx forum XD


It's an appropriate and well done theme. Congrats sir.
Thanx for all your nice comments Smile
that's a sweet theme,