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Full Version: Major problem need help to fix
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on my forum

You now are unable to register for the website. It always says the username is taken like this even when using the default mybb theme: 

[Image: 6202d66cc5ad26624ba690766ac3ea8b.png]

Also, this problem is not with the theme I am currently using. I changed it to the default team and still have the same issue. The next issue is when i select posts on an admin account I am unable to moderate them, delete them, stick theme etc. I tried this with the default theme on mybb and still had this issue Sad

[Image: fcbbd60fb2a96ccdd2f86fc145a26cc0.png]

Someone please help me fix this asap as I have alot of payments going into advertising currently
This problem is mostly caused by a plugin, try deactivating all your plugins one by one, check if it works every time you deactivated a plugin.

replace ~/jscripts/general.js file from fresh download of your forum's MyBB version (looks like it is MyBB 1.8.5)
(2015-08-20, 01:54 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]replace ~/jscripts/general.js file from  fresh download of your forum's MyBB version (looks like it is MyBB 1.8.5)

This fixed the error. But still won't work on Mac products or safari browser on iPhoneSad. This is. Problem because my main way of advertising my site is Instagram.