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Full Version: Guest posting sorely neglected
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I have an anonymous discussion site with myBB guest posting enabled.

Why is there no way to restrict use of BBCode by guests?

Especially images and videos.

offensive text

is not the same as [img]offensive image[/img]

I'm not seeing any setting or group for BBCode at all? Does that seriously mean a new member with 0 posts has the same BBCode permissions as the Administrator?

"Parse [img] MyCode To Guests" guests are tailored to/focused on here, but with guest posting enabled, this setting is restrictive and of no use. It lets guest show members images, that they themselves cant view. Thats just odd lets admit it.


Does anyone know of all the pages posts are shown from (showthread.php, newreply.php, etc)?

myBB impresses in other ways however, so maybe I can edit the line(s) that use the "Parse [img] MyCode to Guests" setting
$settings["guestimages"] = "0";

Not including the above code from settings.php, "guestimages" appears 12 more times in /*.php and /inc/*.php, conveniently in the exact same structure, an if statement that sets

$parser_options['allow_imgcode'] = 0;

Do any gurus see any harm in changing:

if($mybb->user['showimages'] != 1 && $mybb->user['uid'] != 0 || $mybb->settings['guestimages'] != 1 && $mybb->user['uid'] == 0)


if($mybb->user['showimages'] != 1 && $mybb->user['uid'] != 0 || $thread && $thread['uid'] == 0 )
(edit: include "$thread &&" since they are in different files that may not have $thread['uid'] set)

Would that hide images in guest posts while keeping everything else intact? I ask because the string "allow_imgcode" shows up a total of 52 times across /*.php and /inc/*.php (though the array format "['allow_imgcode']" only shows up 20 times, in the same files that contain the relevant if statement)


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