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Full Version: Weird alignment?
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How come I see this -

[Image: y6QTrye.png]

But when I sign into my friend's account she see this -

[Image: y1Iiogt.png]

??? I tried to hard refresh, but that didn't do anything. Which one is the correct one?? If there is a way to change this, I like my view better.
You use "Classic View" (author information alongside the message, your friend not.

This can be set in UserCP -> Change Options

Default is set through:

AdminCP -> Configuration (settings) -> Show Thread Options -> Post Layout
Awesome. Thanks. Big Grin
Sorry, I thought you asked how everybody can get the classic view, but perhaps this was removed?

Go to your database in phpMyAdmin, and go to table users.

Then run the SQL Query:

UPDATE mybb_users SET classicpostbit = 1 WHERE classicpostbit = 0

Here mybb_ is used as the table prefix, adjust it when you use another prefix.