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For starters i havnt put alot of effort into this forum as i have with previous mybb forums like adminstop, this is a simple forum i made for australian call of duty gaming, and for a clan im in, i havnt altered the default skin much except for mabye the banner and a couple of other mini changes.

If you have any ideas that you think might help the forum look please feel free.

If anyone would like the skin just contact me via pm.

Overall it's nice and wel themed. I think you should consider changing your on_off icons though.
Yes. Nicely done.

Change the on/off icons and also adjust the CSS for the copyright so you're in compliance with MyBB's agreement.
Yeah, change the on/off icons and change the css of the side images using the code I gave you. Otherwise it looks very good.
Nice theme, I'd change the background to be fixed as opposed to scrolling though, It doesn't tile every well
Thanks for the feedback, i have done my best to add your ideas.
Perfect website..
Very good job.

Thanks guys, i updated it a little
Good looking forum... Great job!
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