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Full Version: phpBB 3.1.5 to MyBB 1.8 - Merge users
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When I click on I run an error message ..

Try doing a fresh merge. Seems like one of the internal counters went mad.
Try using the latest version from github, the issue has been fixed there:
Have you started a new merge after uploading the development version?
Yes new merge
Including the database configuration step? That column is in the array of fields to add and the last time I've run the merge system it was present.
The conversion was successful.

No former member and the new Member can not connect: huh:

the email to activate the account is not send

the email to change password is not send

Are you still having a problem with mail on your board?

Please see and let us know if that helps you fix the problem. If not, we'll continue troubleshooting.