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Full Version: Edge Drive :-)
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I know there are like a billion forums that people have created... But, I thought, I'll make the billionth and one forum! Well, I bought a domain called and it was orignally going to be a e commerce website... Plans and ideas changed and I decided to make it a forum. I hope you guys are interested in joining :-)

1) The beautiful background repeats, and is not stationary, giving it a weird aspect.
2) You should change the default buttons.
3) Your banner or whatever below the breadcrumb is wider than the forum width, for my screen resolution (1024x768)

Just my thoughts, which are not worth much.

Dr Small
The background repeats, as Dr Small stated. You should fix that.
You're forumbit buttons should be changed (on, off, offlock) from the default ones to abit more customized ones. Wink

And, as Dr Small stated, your intellicontact banner is stretched across the forum, a bit too big.
Overall, you should customized the images and colors some more, different border colors and all!