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Full Version: Mybb theme Colour problem
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hi in my site i have encountered a theme color problem and don't know how  to fix it.
my theme is : Lets Do it
mybb version 1.8.5
problem is when i see my posts as an admin its looks good. here see it
but when i see in guest mode or registered user mode .. its looks so bad.. here take a look
can u tell me why header pic is gone in guest and registered user mode? Sad

please any staff help me
look at your

.trow1 .trow2
background: #
@baggerhd thanks... Noobs in CSS ... Can u please explain...
Open admin.
Go to templates/theme. Press Theme, then the Theme you are using, open global.min.css, press advance at top, and look for

.trow1 .trow2{
background: #f5f5f5

change it to
background: #ccc

Press save. then in your browser, press Ctrl, and at the same time, press F5.

Look and conferm that the background now are gray.

#ccc is gray, change it to any color you want
hi nothing happened after changing it Sad

any staff please help
I can't see that you have changed that.

Look at
.trow1, .trow2 {
background: #f5f5f5;
border: 1px solid #ccc;
padding: 10px;
and change the background color

If not, try to open bootstrap-fixes.min.css


.trow1, .trow2 {
background: #ccc;
added to bootstrap-fixes.min.css still nothing changes Sad

admin mode :
Guest mode:
OK, kinda hard to see the right css, you are using 15 different stylesheets (css)

In global.min.css


and find

Change them

Find #posts_container
background: #ccc;

Perhpaps you can try adding #posts_container and then set a background: #ccc; to bootstrap-fix

so like this

#posts_container {
background: #ccc;