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Full Version: Internal SQL error
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It's my first post on these forums and I feel a little bit shamed creating an account just for this error, but I somehow feel I need help with this thing. 

I've used to be an SMF user and moved to MyBB for its features. Having MyBB makes me and the users hundred times better.

At any case, let me move on my main error and the reason why I've created this thread.

I was editing thread permissions when this error showed up:

The installation of the forums was not manual, but automatic from the cPanel feature of the webhost (able to install automatically forums, blogs etc.).

It's the first time I am seeing this error and since it is the second time I'm moving forum machines, I think that users will get angry and therefore they will just leave us (angry because they are getting their accounts reset)
It's just a big procedure to do all of this thing, resetting, installing, creating threads, etc. I just don't feel like I want to do this, so I'm searching for some better solution.

If creating a backup of the database and putting it on the new re-installed forums will not show this error up again will work, I'll give it a try, but gotta validate that no error is gonna show up after this first.

Thanks for any response!
Quote:error 28 from storage engine
most probably it is database server related issue and it would be better to contact web host to get it fixed
Do you think that resetting forums will most commonly get this error fixed?

EDIT: Seems like forums got back to normal. I don't know if this issue was due to a database or webhost failure.. Will keep this updated it the problem persists after some time.
^ that error is not related to MyBB forums. if such errors occur again then web host should be able to fix them.
however, I'd suggest to take regular backup of the database (you can delete older backups)
So, you think that if I will re-install MyBB and upload the old database error will be fixed?

Forums seem not to be working once again..
Some hostings to improve things as a whole from his point of view, may use tricks behind the scenes like virtualising some resources ect, (eg. if 1000 accounts auto install in cPanel the same script - why copy every file 1000 times if file is always the same ?
It could exist only once being virtualised where required as long as its unchanged saving tons of physical space.

Unfortunately, while such tricks sounds nice, it might cause some issues,
therefore - Always when you can, try to install your stuff manualy by yourself (not from auto installer within hosting cPanel)
Clear sql database, FTP, then upload clean MyBB installation files throught FTP and install it by yourself.

For now, while you allready have users and some work put in it,
you can try to make a backup - copy everything from FTP to your computer, download SQL db throught phpMyAdmin, uninstall it from cPanel, clean whole FTP and database, then bring it back from backup - but this time normal way, copying it to FTP and database by yourself (not cPanel scripts installer) Additionaly If you did not modified core files (i hope) overvriting them from clean myBB installation wouldnt hurt.
The errors seem to be different from day to day. I can't handle this situation anymore and the support team ain't responding at all. I'll give it a try as there's no other solution. If this is to be done, then I'll do it.