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Full Version: Edit Site Information Sidebox
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I have a new/clean install of MyBB 1.8.5, i have installed a new theme called 'Business Device basic' and it's doing a great job for me however i can't figure out a way to edit the Site Information on the top right, can anyone help with where i can find this please?

You will see in the preview below but i don't see any options in the admin section of the forum to edit this? 


You can't use a 1.6 theme with MyBB 1.8 because a lot of code in the templates is different from one version to another.

You can download 1.8 compatible themes from here:
Thank you for replying, i did wonder if that would be the issue but it seemed like the whole theme was working great apart from being able to edit that section.

I will have a look for a 1.8 theme, cheers.