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Full Version: about htaccess
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hello mybb just i want to know if i change in my cpanel root
 htaccess.txt and htaccess-nginx.txt  file convert  to .htaccess  .htaccess-nginx

 there are any problem if i change ? this two file come with mybb root folder and after upload in my cpanel  i 
changed/converted like i told u allready 

waiting for answer and thank you for support mybb
if you are using Search Engine Friendly URLs then you have to rename one of those files depending on your server type.
ok i got it and i'm not using any ''search engine friendly urls '' i m just using default and another quiestion this htaccess create any truble with dns server?
Changing the htaccess will not cause any issues. By default the search engine friendly setting is set up to automatically enable once the htaccess file has been changed to .htaccess
basically, if you do not need SEF URLs / URL rewrite rules then there is no need to use .htaccess file