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Full Version: I got some stupid errors
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I'm running mybb 1.8.5 and using responsive design theme. I having some errors. Reason ? How to fix ?

Number 1: I had 11 threads and 24 posts, but the status is 11 threads and 11 posts. What the hell ?  Angry

[Image: OJvjwEl.png]

[Image: Q3QadHI.png]

[Image: hZWpFPQ.png]

Number 2: My calendar is not display month and week.  Huh

[Image: iW3P5qW.png]

Number 3: My menu is not display Forums button. Dodgy

[Image: v6wQwtM.png]

Thanks for your attention !! How to fix ? Huh

Hello, someone help me !! ..... How to fix this errors ?
Just some bullshit errors , i fixed. Anyway, i got it.  Angel