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Full Version: MyBB 1.6 board transfer host, view error
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Hi, i was created new MyBB forum in July 26, 2015 (version is 1.6.x) on this address:  and present deleted it Undecided

I was create a full backup and i'm restore this backup today. I checked  forum files, images and folders several time, all is well. On this address:
Website is now stayed on my host.

Screnshots: (I will add here that long picture, just links add here.)
This is old view screnshoot:
And this is new view screnshoot:

But there is a problem, now it seems bad (like a basic HTML file, not seems a forum)

How can properly look this site? 
Anyone help me please about this issue.

Update the Board URL in Configuration → Site Details.

Moved to 1.6 Support; you should consider upgrading your board to MyBB 1.8.x.
Thanks Devilshakerz,

İm how to update board url? İ dont access admin panel
you can change board url & cookie settings first in ~/inc/settings.php file
and then you should be able to log into forum admin panel & again change the
board url & cookie settings as suggested above

see this guidance on cookie settings
Thanks .m. ,

I change cookie setting and now forum is looks nice.

I read as you say cookie setting topic now, thank you so much.