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Full Version: Discuss: The MyBB Group & Microsoft Corporation Partnership
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Bas Wrote:nice joke
to bad it is only a joke I really like new admin panel... Smile

Hopefully you'll be equally as impressed with the real one. Smile
LOL! You had me scared for a minute. Wink Nice joke!
omgs!! f*** mybb!!! Big GrinBig Grin

that really scared me Sad
Nice... now how many of those got it wrong .. mwahahahah
Nice 1.4 ac panel
wahaha! I'm shocked... MSSQL? noooooooooo! ... hehehe... nice joke man... you really scared me... Sad
That freaked me out a bit until I realised what day it was.
Grrrrrr.... my heart is beating very fast now haha. i would have to go back to phpbb Sad good thing it was a joke
I was getting ready to write a mean mean mean "Tikitiki said it was always going to be free post" Big Grin Instead I'll go wipe now Big Grin
LMAO! Very clever! Had me going for a bit! Big Grin
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