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Full Version: smiles ignoring "show in clickable list" setting
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as of the latest updates the smiley box seems to completely ignore the settings for show not in clickable list.
is it just me or whats going on.

forum is at:
I am still waiting for a solution.

[Image: JbrBJa7.png?1]
The big smilies are set to not display in the clickable list, but they dont care and still show there.
is there anyone reading threads in this forum?
Do you see this issue on the default theme (MyBB stock)?
I will set up a testing instance and then report back.

Brand new mybb at
Its happening there as well. All I did is add some smilies and set them to not show in the list.
However the cms doesnt care anymore about it. It did in previous versions however.
@Leefish you there?