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Full Version: How to change URL? - Multiple Question !
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Question: 01: I installed and activated Google Search Engine Optimization Plugin. I wanna change my forum URL. But Still now I didn't see any change in my url. i want to show title in the url.  I see this url in my forum: 
[Image: imNHBBE.png]

Question:02: Yesterday I asked a question about showing multi badges on user profile. A mod replied with a Multiple Usergroup Images, but I don't understand how to use it. I installed and tried to use additional user group section. But showing the only single image. 

Question:03: I want to make VIP section. People can see post count, and Last post title on Forum Home page. How can do that. Please see this scrrenshot, if you don't understand: 
[Image: RQxqw0C.png] 
You can only see this, but you can't access anything. I tried to use custom permission. It shows only forum. But do not showing post count and title. See this current screenshot: 
[Image: 1WrNnw8.png]

Question:04: I want to send a automatic PM to my new register user? How can i setup that? 

Please help me. Advance Thanks
1. Check this reply:

2. was the member part of multiple groups and still you get only one image???

3. that might require a plugin.. check if this works:

4. this requires a plugin and this has been reported to work with 1.8 as well:

NOTE: you need to change the compatibility for both plugins to install it on 1.8