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Full Version: Possible or no?
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Is it possible to show multiple user titles in postbit / profile page / member page list / etc. ?

Someone told me there is plugin for it but im not sure for it if its possibly available.

like this in (vb forum) sorry for other forum software to be mentioned but i urgently need this if its possible or no.

[Image: 7910a9da83.png]
[Image: 85edbe212e.jpg]
[Image: 0624ed1e1a.jpg]

However someone told me its possible for GROUP IMAGE only, Yeah or nope?
You can show additional/multiple usergroup image in postbit and users profile. There is a plugin for this and you can find that plugin here :
I don't think that you will be able to show multiple users titles in postbit or profile page. For this you will need to hire someone to make a plugin for your forum.