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Full Version: custom read unread icons
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i have customize the forums incons but dont know how to replace the read unread forum and subforums icons.

I tries jsut replacing the images /images/... on.gif, off.gif, minion.gif and minioff.gif.. also tried uploadind on.png etc..

but for some extrange readon it doesnt show the replaced images.

Someone nows how to do it?

thank you!!
They're image sprites. Multiple images combined into one.
Hello, thank you..

so.. if i replace the sprite image for my own, it would work?
Well you'll need to add all of your different images into a sprite and then replace the sprite itself. I'm not very familiar with sprites however.
(09-21-2015, 08:21 PM)Ben C Wrote: [ -> ]They're image sprites. Multiple images combined into one.

And that's one reason I opposed sprites when we were talking about enhancements for 1.8. Sprites are harder to customize than individual images.
yes, solved. just needed to replace the mini_status_sprite and forum_status_sprite at /images

but the problem is i dont know how to do my own sprite images Smile

Ok, full solver. Thank you!

You need to go to image sprite tool generator onlie:

then make the size map to 10x40 and add the 4 icons 10x10. Save file as mini_status_sprite and dupload to images/

you need to upload sprite image one image like